Boo! It’s Halloween!

halloween_04Halloween is nearly upon us. On October 31st, people in different parts of the world will celebrate this day. Children will dress up and go trick-or-treating, so make sure you have some candy or lollies for those that knock on your door!

Others will have halloween or costume parties where people dress up as witches, devils, scary ghosts and the like…the scarier you look the better.

Whether you celebrate halloween in your area or not, we hope you will still enjoy the new free125cards that have been added in our gallery to commemorate this occassion!

Card 1-Image of a witch holding her broom:


Card 2 - Image of Pumpkin on a black background:


Card 3 - Image of a ghost scaring a man!



Have fun,


What would you like for dessert?

dessert_09After your delicious meal has settled, it’s now time to provide you with the dessert menu.
Come on, I know you still have room left…

You may be health conscious, but once in a while it’s ok to treat yourself with a bit of indulgence. What’s your favourite dessert of all time? I know, it’s sometimes really hard to pick one! For me personally, a good serve of dark chocolate ice-cream is something I just cannot resist!!! Although, this piece of strawberry cheesecake is something that I also cannot resist. My uncle actually makes it himself. I like it because it doesn’t have a bitter after taste and it tastes really smooth and creamy.

From our dessert menu at, here are some of your choices. Remember, if you want to see the full selection, make sure you go to the “New” section of the gallery.

Image 1: This is an absolutely decadent dessert served at the Serendipity cafe in NYC! It is made up of chocolate ice-cream with choc sauce then topped with caramel, cream and a single red cherry to finish off the look.


Image 2: A close up image of the top section of a chocolate sundae with cream.


Image 3: This is a close up photograph of strawberries and cream.


Enjoy each mouthful!



Your meal is served…

plate_01 Next comes the main meal. Let’s get the plates out…

The main dishes that will be served for your main meal are a selection of pasta and risotto dishes. To view the whole selection of new 125 x 125 pixel card of the main meal images go to the “New” section of the gallery.

The photographs below was actually what we had to eat, for my birthday last month. I ordered the veal spaghetti dish in red tomato sauce with a hint of chilli. The presentation of the meals were very beautiful and it also tasted great!

What’s your favourite pasta or risotto dish?

Image 1: Veal with Fettucini


Image 2: Chicken with Spirals pasta


Image 3: Veal spaghetti dish in red tomato sauce with a hint of chilli


Image 4: Chicken and Mushroom Risotto


Hope you enjoy your meal!


Let’s start with some drinks!


Looking at our gallery of images, I’ve realized that we don’t have any 125 x 125 card images in the gallery that contain or depict drinks or food. As I result, I’m going to start a little series that will begin with some drinks, then we will move to the main meal, and be sure you also leave room for dessert! To top it off, we will also have a cup of coffee just to appreciate a great meal!

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen without further ado, let me serve you a few drinks to start your meal…


If you would like to check out the other beverages we have on offer, feel free to check out the “New” section of the gallery to view these new 125 x 125 pixel card images.

Enjoy and cheers,


The fascination of making money

They say money is the root of all evil. They say money makes the world go round.

Whatever reason or what money means to you, whether your blog aims at making money on-line (or not), it seems that since we started to offer our free service/tool at a lot of our visitors like to use and personalize a 125 x 125 pixel card that have an image of money or dollar signs on it.

As a result, I have created the following new 125 cards to add to our gallery, for all of you to use for free. Here’s the collection below. Tell me which colours or designs you like best so I can keep this in mind for future new designs we create here at free125cards.

Collection 1: Green coloured money designs


Collection 2: Red coloured money designs


Collection 3: Blue coloured money designs


Hope you enjoy creating your new free logos with these new designs…enjoy!

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